Over a 15 year career, Peter has participated in the sale and development of over 12,000 lots, apartments and hotel room transactions at a value of almost $5 Billion.


The entrepreneurial leader of Intellectual Property is Peter Micalos who is an accomplished property development and real estate executive with a formidable track record. 


Prior to establishing Intellectual Property at the age of 36, Peter held senior executive roles with Canberra’s largest private and public property developers spanning his entire career in excess of 15 years.


Peter has driven and been closely involved with Canberra’s most iconic and ambitious developments.

Peter's unique capabilities span across the full spectrum of the real estate and property value chain including acquisitions, deal origination, development management, sales & marketing, capital structuring and procurement, risk management, governance, strategy and leadership.


Over the years Peter has experienced what works, learnt why things fail, and has executed what is required to succeed.




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