By Peter Micalos


A wise man once said to me that in the fast paced world of business, in order to stay at the top, we need to have Agility.


All we have is our Agility.


Many things in business can be copied, emulated or taken from you by the competition.


Quite often its flattering when its done, but one thing the competition can't take away from you is your agility.


We all think we are hero's in the good times, but what defines us is how we perform in the bad times. What we do when things are not going our way.


Your agility is:


- Your ability to change direction or path.

- Your ability to discover something new.

- Your drive to do something differently.

- Your capacity to innovate and transform.

- Your evolution.

- Your next step.


The only person that can take away your agility is you.


As organisations become larger they loose their agility. They become bureaucratic and slow moving with too many politics and stakeholders at the table.


What worked yesterday doesn't always work today. Businesses become complacent, they often fall into a false sense of security to rely on the past and what worked. They become scared to make changes and evolve.


Technology, disruption, globalisation, regulation and new generations of entrepreneurs are changing the way business is done and what needs to be done to remain successful and relevant.


Property is a traditional business that has not seen the innovation, transformation and disruption that other industries have. One reason for this is because property is very complex and there are so many different parts and components to property.


In order to ensure we always have agility we need to have robust structures in place that promote this philosophy. Culture is relevant but so are skills, platforms, practices, mindsets and methodologies.


The focus always needs to be on what really is our core business ?


The question has to be asked what type of business are we ?

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