Enough of the pie.

By Peter Micalos

Property is a big pie.

To succeed in property the developer needs to - 


"leave enough of the pie on table for everyone to make money"

This is a long standing and legendary guiding principal that the best in the industry adhere to.

When this dynamic is in balance the most successful results occur.

When this dynamic is not in balance there is ultimate failure.

Its a huge task to successfully deliver property to the market place.  There are a lot of people that are involved from a variety of disciplines such as:

 - Development Managers

 - Architects

 - Builders

 - Financiers

 - Sales agents

 - Consultants

 - Lawyers

At the end of the day the Developer is in control and in the box seat.

The developer always needs to ensure that project pricing, budgets and profits are at the optimal balance where everyone can make money, commensurate with their efforts, contributions and risk.

It is not easy establishing this balance and it often needs robust review and constant re-thinking.

If developers can't achieve this balance, then people simply wont work for the developer and things will fail.

"leave enough of the pie on table for everyone to make money"

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