Everyone says NO.

By Peter Micalos

I wake up every day and listen to people telling me NO.


No No No, all day long.

In my entire career in property development I have had to constantly solve complex problems, overcome objections and listen to supposed experts telling me that something was not possible.

For most people Its easy to throw in the towel and become dejected after listening to so many No's all the time.

There are many different types of "No" that translate into different terms and phrases including:

 - It can't be done

 - There is a technical issue

 - The legislation doesn't allow it

 - The program is too short

 - Were you aware of this issue ?

 - Non responsiveness

 - Were you aware of this risk ?


A successful developer is able to overcome all these NO's.


In a successful developers mind, there is basically a numbness to the NO's.

The NO's don't negatively impact the mindset, which remains focussed on finding a pathway.

Pathways always exist and there are always options.

There is a deep resolve to overcome all these obstacles to succeed.


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