Opportunity is in the detail.


By Peter Micalos

Property transcends so many challenging and interesting disciplines.

To successfully execute their daily operations, property developers often find themselves at the "coal face" of so many challenging areas.  These include the following fields:


 - Legislation

 - Government Policy

 - Regulation

 - Consumer affairs

 - Contracts

 - Commercial agreements

Understanding the detail is critical to success. 


It starts by slowing down and understanding the subject matter.

It starts by being interested in and WANTING to discover the truth.  There needs to de a drive to find the truth.

There should be no other expert on the subject matter other then the proponent themselves.

They must take this into their own hands.


The reason for this is because the developer is in control of the big, and entire, picture.  Isolated information and advice without total perspective can be useless and ineffective.

Relying on fragmented information from others will make the developer weak and create risks.

A complete understanding of the detail will deliver liberating perspective. 

It will create strong independence.


A complete understanding of the detail will then allow the engineering of bespoke solutions that create enormous opportunity to deliver risk adjusted returns.

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